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Samurai Dragon Ram

My first piece of art. An idea of a mythological japanese creature. After retiring and moving to Montana in 2018, I purchased a small welder with the intention of creating some antlers to challenge myself artistically.What followed was nothing short of a great discovery. I found that not only was I able to continue my passion for metal fabrication, I was able to try artistic techniques and challenging myself in ways I never had before. From crafting the horns piece-by-piece, to learning movement and how to texture each segment, I thoroughly enjoyed pushing myself in new ways- and finding myself in the process. This piece symbolizes so much: the growth in my life, obstacles I've overcome, and the process of discovery.

This ram is crafted from mild steel- all metal pieces were individually heat treated then applied. This piece has no paint, protected with boiled linseed oil. 

This piece will be added to my primary collection, for any further inquiries about this piece feel free to reach me through the contact page. 


Height: 18"

Width: 24" 

Front to Back Length: 25"

Weight: 125 lbs

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